GJ100 wall putty manufacturing plant

Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant

Wall putty manufacturing plant is also called wall putty making machine. It is mainly used to produce plaster mortar. The plaster mortar includes different kinds, such as, putty mortar for interior and exterior wall, insulation plaster mortar, colored decorative mortar and so on. Because of its wide application, wall putty making machine plays an important role on the construction industry. Our Aimix Group can provide you with different production capacities of wall putty plants. According to the size of your projects or demands of putty mortar, you can select a suitable model of wall putty plant.

application of wall putty manufacturing plant
wide application of wall putty mortar

Depending on its control system, wall putty power manufacturing machine includes fully automatic type and semi automatic type. Then I will introduce these two kinds of plant in details.

Semi automatic wall putty making machine

Compared with fully automatic type, semi automatic type wall putty power production line is more suitable for small or medium size of projects. Or if you are in the stage of initial investment, you also can consider the semi automatic type. Moreover, semi automatic type wall putty mix plant has lower investment cost compared with fully automatic type. After improvement, our semi automatic type plant has the advantages of strong stability, reliable performance, easy operation, low investment cost and high return on investment.

GJ10 wall putty manufacturing plant

GJ15 wall putty manufacturing plant

GJ20 wall putty making machine

GJ30 wall putty making machine

Production Capacity (T/H)510152030
Control SystemSemi-auto/Full auto
GJ30 wall putty manufacturing plant exported to Qatar
Aimix GJ30 plant works in Qatar

Fully automatic wall putty manufacturing plant

Fully automatic wall putty power production line has advanced control system. It is controlled by PLC system. You can see the whole process of monitor and also can control the process of batching and mixing. Because of its advanced control system, you just need two or three workers to control the whole process. This will greatly reduce the labor intensity and save the labor cost. Fully automatic wall putty power making machine is more suitable for medium or large size of projects due to its large production output. In addition, fully automatic type plant has extra automatic packing system, which makes the work more efficient.

its control room
the control room
GJ40 wall putty manufacturing plant
Production Capacity (T/H )40
Control System Semi-auto
/Full auto

GJ50 wall putty making machine
Production Capacity (T/H )50
Control System Semi-auto
/Full auto

Choose a good wall putty manufacturing plant on the basis of your demand for putty mortar and your purchase cost.

use the wall putty mortar in the projects
use the wall putty mortar in the projects

What preparations are needed to invest in a wall putty making machine?

When you invest in a construction machinery, its return on investment is important for you. In order to get the profit quickly, you should make some preparation in advance. In this condition, the wall putty making machines can work right now after installation. So what preparation are needed to invest in a dry wall putty making machine.

First of all, you need to erect a factory. If you have already had a factory, that is great, which can save your construction fees. On the contrary, you need to prepare a factory in advance.

our customers visit our workshop
our customers visit our factory

Then, consider your investment budget. Because different dry wall putty powder plant has different prices, you should consider your budget when choosing the model. Large size of plant putty has large productivity, so it also need large investment cost. If your project is not very big or you don’t need too much wall putty mortar, small size of mortar production plant is good for you to save the purchase cost.

GJ60 wall putty mortar plant
GJ60 wall putty making machine

Production Capacity (T/H )60
Control System Semi-auto
/Full auto

Finally, consider the layout of wall putty manufacturing plant. Reasonable layout can not only save your construction site, but also be conducive to improve the working efficiency of wall putty powder making machine. As we all know, wall putty making machine consists of triple cylinder drying machine, mixer machine, dust removal equipment, transportation machine, control system, packing machine, etc. You should make a reasonable layout. If you have any confusion, welcome to consult us.

Successful cases of our wall putty plants

GJ20 wall putty making machine in Peru
GJ20 dry wall putty powder machine works in Peru

As a wall putty manufacturing plant manufacturer, our Aimix Group has rich production experience. Since our plant appears on the market, it is popular. Whether small size of plant or large size of production line, we believe that you can pick up a satisfied machine from our company. Up to now, we have exported our wall putty making machines to many countries, including, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Qatar, Peru, Romania and so on.

GJ10 was exported to Thailand
GJ10 was exported to Thailand

What’s more, we have already had more than 180 production lines at abroad. If you want to learn or purchase our wall putty manufacturing process in small plant we are glad to show you our successful production line. Our product has won good reputation from our customers due to its good performance and long service life. Welcome to contact us if you also need it.

30t wall putty making machine in Pakiatan
GJ30 plant works in Pakistan

How to get a cost-effective wall putty making machine?

The wall putty powder manufacturing machine is a kind of heavy construction machinery. So you must want to get a cost-effective machine for your projects. Here are some tips about get a high-quality machine. Maybe you can browse the information about wall putty making machine online. There are many wall putty powder production line manufacturer online. Therefore, you should distinguish the strength of different manufacturers. The way is to look through their websites to learn their products. As soon as you think a manufacturer is reliable, you can send email to them and communicate with them in detail.

GJ80 wall putty making machine

GJ100 wall putty manufacturing plant

Production Capacity(T/H)80100
Control SystemSemi-auto/Full auto

Like our Aimix Group, besides high-quality of machine, we also provide you with affordable and favorable price. Our company has our own production factory, so our machine price doesn’t include agency fees. Of course, we also will help you save other related fees from different aspects. So welcome to contact us if you are interested in our wall putty mix plant.

Aimix sincere service for you

We have a complete set of after-sale service for our customers if you choose our company. In order to serve our customers better, we set up our branch office at abroad, including Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia and Uzbekistan. These branch offices are actually local based service center. No matter where countries you come from, when you meet some problems, we will send our salesman or engineers nearest to you to help you.

aimix office in philippines
office in Philippines
office in Pakistan
office in Pakistan
office in Russia
office in Russia

From choosing model and transportation route to install and maintain the wall putty manufacturing plant, we all have specific team to serve you. These teams will try their best to ensure you can get our machine in a good condition. Therefore, if you plan to invest in a wall putty making machine, and if you want to look for a trustworthy manufacturer, please don’t hesitate to choose our company. I believe that you can pick up a satisfied product from our company.

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