GJ20 dry mortar making plant

Successfully Install GJ20 Dry Mortar Plant In Zambia

Here are a piece of good news sharing with you! Few days ago, our engineers team successfully installed our GJ20 dry mortar plant in Zambia. This customer looks through our website online, and then he leaves a message to us. After receiving this message, our salesman contact him as soon as possible. After communicating with each other in detail, we recommend him to buy the GJ20 model of dry mix mortar plant. Considering his construction site and budget, the GJ20 dry mortar manufacturing plant is suitable for him.

GJ20 dry mortar manufacturing plant
GJ20 dry mortar mix plant

GJ20 dry mortar making plant
GJ20 dry mortar making machine

Production Capacity (T/H )20
Control System Semi-auto
/Full auto

Main components of dry mix mortar plant

Usually, a complete set of dry mortar manufacturing plant includes the following systems: drying system, dry sand hoisting system, raw material storage system, additive storage system, weighing system, mixing system, end product storage system, etc. Specifically, the main parts of a dry mortar plant includes the drying machine, mixer machine, dust collector, conveying machine, bucket elevator, vibrating screen, control machine, packing machine and so on. You can learn these spear parts in detail by the following pictures.

GJ20 dry making plant
GJ20 dry mix mortar plant
GJ20 dry mix plant

GJ20 dry mortar plant for sale
GJ20 dry mortar plant sale
GJ20 dry mortar plant

The working video of our dry mortar making machine

After installing the dry mix mortar plant, our engineer will carry on the commissioning and debugging the plant. You don’t worry about the operation at all. Our engineers will help our customers train their operators. And then you also can learn some maintenance and repairment methods from our engineers. This is a video about this dry mortar plant working.

If you are interested in the dry mortar plant, welcome to contact us! We provide you with different production capacities of dry mortar plants!

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