YLB800 portable asphalt plant for sale

Portable Asphalt Plant For Sale

Portable asphalt plant for sale is similar with mobile type plant, which is also easy to move. Quick transportation and installation of portable asphalt mixing plant makes it become popular. The reason is that this can reduce the transportation time and shorten the construction period. Moreover, portable asphalt mixing plant for sale also can help you finish your project quickly. In recent years, more and more portable asphalt plant manufacturers that want to gain great profits appears on the market. Therefore, before you purchase machine, you should learn more information about portable asphalt batch plant and the manufacturers.

YLB1000 portable asphalt plant for sale
YLB1000 potable asphalt plant Uzbekistan

Check out its types and models

In order to meet the requirements of different customers, our company provides our customers with different types of portable asphalt plants for sale, batch mix type and drum mix type. If you have a large size of project and you need amount of asphalt mixture, maybe you can consider the batch mix type plant. Its production capacity of batch mix portable asphalt mixer plant is from 40t/h to 160t/h.

QLB20 portable asphalt plant for sale

QLB40 portable asphalt plant

QLB60 portable asphalt plant for sale
QLB60 portable asphalt plant control room
its control room

If your project is not very big, the drum mix portable asphalt mixing plants are more suitable for you. Compared with batch mix type, its price is relatively low. Meanwhile, the productivity of drum mix portable asphalt plant is from 10t/h to 80t/h. According to our experience, when you choose the plant, the most important thing you should be concerned with is how much asphalt mixture you need in a certain period. Of course, if you have any confusion, welcome to contact us. We can give you more professional advice.

Production Capacity(t/h)20406080
FuelDiesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal

Characteristics of portable asphalt batch plant

1. Advanced technologies and production equipment. Our engineers team innovates our portable asphalt batch plant for sale. And now, many of our technologies have intellectual property rights. Moreover, advanced production equipment ensures that each production links meets international standard.

2. Perfect product line and product serialization. We have had perfect production line, which can provide various of portable asphalt plant. Our portable asphalt plant for sale can take diesel, coal, gas, etc as its fuels. A variety of options can meet the needs of different projects.

3. Advanced weighing system ensures the accuracy and stability of weighing.

cold aggregate bin
cold aggregate bin
drying drum
drying drum
dust collecting system
dust collecting system

the mixer machine
mixer machine
vibrating screen
bitumen supplying system
bitumen bin

4. Energy conservation and environment protection. Adopting the various of dust collecting systems reduces waste discharge.

5. Remote monitoring system makes the operation more simpler and safer.

6. Customize the plant for our customers. Because different countries have different requirements for environments and have different fuel resource, we also can customize the portable asphalt batch plant for sale for our customers according to their demand.

Factors affecting the productivity of portable asphalt plant

In the process of using an asphalt mixing plant portable, there are some questions you should notice in order to improve the production capacity and guarantee production quality.

First of all, you should pay attention to the raw materials. Raw materials are important part for the whole production process.The quality of raw materials can affect the quality of finished asphalt mixture, even the quality of whole project. When the quality of raw materials are low, this will result the waste of portable asphalt batch mix plant for sale. Therefore, you need to purchase the high-quality raw materials.

YLB800 portable asphalt plant for sale
  • Model: YLB800
  • Production Capacity: 40t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 600kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 9.5m³

YLB1000 portable asphalt plant
  • Model: YLB1000
  • Production Capacity: 80t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 1200kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 9.5m³

Then, train your operator ensuring they can use the portable asphalt plant for sale correctly. Operators is also crucial during operating the machine. If its operation is not correct, which will decrease the efficiency. About this question, you don’t worry at all because if you choose our company, our engineers will help you train your operator until they can use the portable asphalt mix plant for sale on their own.

At last, high failure rate also can have an effect on its productivity. You can do something to avoid this question. On the one hand, purchase a high-quality portable asphalt mixing plant. Choose our Aimxi Group, and you can get a satisfied machine. On the other hand, keep the regular maintenance. Regular and correct maintenance can reduce the failure rate of machine.

YLB1500 portable asphalt batching plant in Philippines
YLB1500 in Philippines

How does a portable asphalt plant work?

Working process of portable asphalt batch plant is simple. It generally includes three steps, namely, weighing, mixing and discharging. Weighing is to weigh the various of cold aggregates depending on the pre-set ratio. Then deliver these weighed cold aggregates to drying drum to dry and heat. By this process, the cold aggregate will become hot aggregates. At the same time, the bitumen and powder will be weighed separately. Divide these hot aggregates according to different sizes. Nest step is to send all materials to mixer machine and mix them. Finally, the whole process finishes. You can get your own asphalt mixture.

QLB60 drum mix portable asphalt plant
QLB60 asphalt plant in Philippines

asphalt plant parts3
asphalt plant parts7
asphalt plant parts

Our portable asphalt mixing plant can produce various of types of asphalt mixture, such as, colored asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and so on. You can use these asphalt mixture for the road construction, airport construction, bridge projects, highway construction, etc. So investing in a portable asphalt batch plant for sale is an ideal choice for you.

Greatly reduce portable asphalt plant costs

When it comes to the portable asphalt plant cost, as we all know, it includes many aspects, such as the machine cost, transportation cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, fuel cost, electricity cost, construction site cost and so on. So if you want to get a reasonable cost, you need to be concerned with these factors.

If you browse our website online, and you are interested in our portable asphalt mixing plant, you can leave your message to us. And then, our salesman will connect with you. They will learn your demand and condition. If necessary, they also will visit our customer’s construction site to help them design the layout. After communicating with our customers in detail, they will consider what fuel is available to use in your country; what size of plant can meet your production requirement and minimize your purchase cost, etc. In addition, they also help you design the delivery route, keep the regular maintenance, free installation and training and so on.

YLB1200 portable asphalt plant for sale
  • Model: YLB1200
  • Production Capacity: 120t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 1700kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 14m³

YLB1500 portable asphalt plant
  • Model: YLB1500
  • Production Capacity: 160t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 5 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 2300kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 30m³

To sum up, selecting a reliable portable asphalt plant supplier is very important. Our Aimix Group, as a professional manufacturer with over 35 years production experience, is trustworthy for you. Up to now, our machine has been exported to over 60 countries, including Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Kenya, USA, etc. So choose us now.

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