YLB800 mobile asphalt plant

Mobile Asphalt Plant For Sale

Mobile asphalt plant for sale is popular because of its mobility since it appears on the market. As we all know, asphalt mixing plant is a kind of large construction machinery. It will takes some time from transportation to installation. So when you finish a project, you will spend some time disassembling this machine and delivering it to another construction site. If you have a mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale, it is more convenient for you to move it from one construction site to another. This can reduce the transportation time and save your investment cost because it just need several hours from transferring to installing mobile asphalt batch mixing plant.

YLB1000 mobile asphalt plant for sale
YLB1000 mobile asphalt plant for sale in Kazakhstan

mobile asphalt plant spare part 1
mobile asphalt plant spare part
mobile asphalt plant spare part 2

Suggestions for purchasing a right mobile asphalt plant for sale

Before you plan to buy a mobile asphalt batching plant, you should prepare something, such as, learn some information about mobile asphalt mix plant, choose a construction site, consider the use of electricity and water, etc. Of course, among these aspects, purchasing a right mobile asphalt concrete plant is the most important thing. Here are some suggestions to help you choose a good mobile asphalt plant for sale.

First of all, you should learn the types and models of mobile asphalt plants. Usually, mobile asphalt batch plant includes drum mix type and batch mix type. If you need amount of asphalt and your project need to work continuously, you can choose drum mix asphalt mobile plant. Because drum mix mobile asphalt mixer can work continuously to produce asphalt mixture. When you need to produce high quality asphalt mixture, batch mix asphalt mixing plant mobile is right for you.

QLB20 mobile drum mix plant
QLB20 drum mix plant

QLB40 drum mobile asphalt plant
QLB40 drum mix plant

Then, a complete set of asphalt plant mobile includes many spare parts. Besides right type and model, you also should choose right and suitable components. For example, what type of fuel is better for you, heavy, diesel, gas or coal? And which kind of dust filter system you perfect, water dust collector, bag dust collector, gravity dust collector? This is related with the local environmental protection standard.

Finally, the layout of mobile asphalt plant for sale on the construction site is also important. Right layout of mobile asphalt batch mix plant can not only reduce the occupation area of machine, but also save the cost of construction site.

qlb60 asphalt drum mix plant in philippines
Install QLB60 drum mix mobile plant in Philippines

Production Capacity(t/h)20406080
FuelDiesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal

Get an acceptable mobile asphalt plant price

I know that mobile asphalt batch plant price is a key factor for many customers who plan to purchase a mobile type asphalt mixing plant. On the one hand, customers want to get a low mobile asphalt mix plant price. But on the other hand, they also want to get a high quality mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you get a mobile asphalt plant for sale with a very low price, maybe the quality of this mobile asphalt mixing plants is not too high. After a period of using, you will find there are something wrong with the mobile asphalt plant. So when you pay more attention to the mobile asphalt batching plant price, you should also be concerned with the quality of mobile asphalt plant.

YLB800 mobile asphalt plant
YLB800 mobile asphalt plant
  • Model: YLB800
  • Production Capacity: 40t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 600kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 9.5m³

YLB1000 mobile mix plant
  • Model: YLB1000
  • Production Capacity: 80t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 1200kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 9.5m³

YLB1200 mobile batch mix plant
  • Model: YLB1200
  • Production Capacity: 120t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 1700kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 14m³

YLB1500 mobile batch mix plant
  • Model: YLB1500
  • Production Capacity: 160t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 5 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 2300kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
  • Hot aggregate bin: 30m³

As a trustworthy mobile asphalt batch plant supplier, the mobile asphalt plant for sale produced by our Aimix Group has its unique advantages: excellent mixing performance; accurate weighing system; modular cold aggregate supply system; efficient and reliable drying and heating drum; good burner with the fuel of gas and oil; double deck large capacity hot aggregate bins; strict and stable screening system; multiple dust collecting system choice; advanced control system. Through years of experience with our customers, our mobile asphalt plant china is with characteristics of easy operation, high working efficiency, high-quality asphalt mixture, long service life and low failure rate.

cold aggregate system
cold aggregate system
dust collecting system
dust collecting system
control system
control system

YLB1500 mobile asphalt plant in Philippines
YLB1500 mobile asphalt plant in Philippines

Mobile asphalt plant manufacturers

Maybe you have many ways to look for a mobile asphalt batching plant manufacturer. You can connect with your local mobile asphalt mix plant supplier or you can search the information about mobile asphalt batching plant supplier online. Perhaps your friends will recommend to you a mobile asphalt plant manufacturer. Even you want to purchase a mobile asphalt plant from abroad.

If you want to buy a mobile asphalt plant for sale from abroad, our Aimix Group is a trustworthy for you. There are many strengths for you:

  • Several branch office and warehouse on different countries, including Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia;
  • Export our product to over 60 countries, including Burma, Thailand, South Africa, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA, Australia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Brazil, Egypt, etc;
  • Good feedback from our customers;
  • Quick reply for your email to help you solve your problems;
  • Regular visit to our customers help inspect the mobile asphalt plant for sale;
  • Complete after-sale service, including installation, debugging, training operators, maintenance and repairment.
aimix office in philippines
Aimix Office in Philippines
office in Pakistan
Aimix Office in Pakistan
office in Sri Lanka
Aimix Office in Sri Lanka

As the leading mobile asphalt plant manufacturers, our Aimix Group has been striving to produce higher quality mobile bitumen batching plant. If you trust our company, we promise to provide you high quality machine, reasonable mobile asphalt plant price and thoughtful service.

drum mix asphaly plant in philippines
transport QLB60 mobile asphalt plant to Pakistan

How to prolong the service life of mobile asphalt plant?

After a period of using mobile asphalt plant for sale, maybe you should change some spare parts. When you want to prolong the service life of mobile asphalt plant, you should keep good routine maintenance. Here are some tips for you.

1. Regular check the lubrication condition of each spare parts;

2. Check whether the pneumatic pipe is leakage. If you find the leakage, you should deal with this problem right now;

3. Clean the dust of control room. Too much dust will affect electrical equipment;

4. After deactivating the equipment, clean the discharge door of the mixing tank;

5. Check and tighten all bolts and nuts;

6. Inspect all conveyor belts for wear and damage. Repair and replace it if necessary.

Wanna to know more maintenance methods about mobile asphalt plant for sale? Contact us now. After receiving your massage, our salesman will reply you as soon as possible. Welcome to leave your message to us!

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