ABM-6S (2)

Interlocking Brick Machine For Sale

Interlocking brick machine for sale can produce all kinds of interlocking bricks, including S-shaped interlocking bricks for sidewalk, lawn interlocking bricks, interlocking bricks for water conservancy project, slope protection interlocking bricks and so on. As the development the economy, construction industry has higher requirements for the bricks. Because the interlocking bricks has the features of rich colors and various of shapes, interlocking bricks is used for the wider application. Therefore, more and more clients would like to invest a interlocking brick machine for sale. Our Aimix interlocking brick making machine for sale has the characteristics of high production capacity, stable performance, low failure rate and small investment cost.

Wide application of interlocking brick machine for sale

1. Rivers, canals and lakes construction: It is conducive to soil and water conservation and bank protection and slope protection. Meanwhile, it can reduce the impact of water flow on the riverbank to some extent.

2. Reservoir and dam construction: It is good to protect the shore and reduce the the impact of construction project on the environment.

interlocking brick
various of interlocking bricks
ABM-4SE interlocking brick machine for sale
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*19024-26s580
solid blocks240*115*9022-25s1400
perforated bricks240*115*5322-25s3300

3. Depression construction: Interlocking bricks produced by the interlocking block making machine can protect vegetation growth, improve porosity pavement, and provide a good environment for vegetation growth.

4. Bridge construction: It is effective for corrosion resistance, impact resistance and frost resistance, which makes the bridge durable.

5. Crosswalk construction: It can protect the lawn and improve the permeability of road surface. In addition, the interlocking bricks has greater friction, which can better ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Deliver interlocking brick machine to different countries

Deliver ABM-3S interlocking brick machine to Philippines

This customer is our new customer. He wants to invest a brick making machine for sale. So he browse the information about brick making machine on the Internet. He clicks our company website and is interested in our machine, then he sends the email to us for the quotation. Receiving his email, our salesman replies him as soon as possible. After several communications, our customer makes a decision that he would visit our factory and office. When he arrives our workshop, our engineers shows him how to install and debug our interlocking brick machine for sale and how our automatic interlocking brick making machine for sale works.

customer visit the factory
customer visit factory
customers visit factory

This customer thinks that our Aimix Group is a professional interlocking brick making machine companies. So he cooperates with our company. After using our interlocking block machine sale for a period, he purchases our diesel concrete mixer with pump again because he believes our product has high quality.

ABM-3S interlocking machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*19015-20s540-720
solid blocks200*100*6015-25s1500-1800
interlocking bricks225*112.5*6015-25s1200-1400

Deliver ABM-6S interlocking brick machine to the South Africa

This customer is in the urgent need of a interlocking brick machine for sale due to the need of his construction project. So it is vital for him whether the interlocking concrete blocks machines for sale can be delivered to his country on time. Moreover, this customer has a high demand on the quality of product and after-sale service. After learn the requirement of our customer, our production team produces the ABM-6S interlocking brick machine for sale in advance. We finish the machine production before our customer visits our factory. This customer gives high praise to our professional production, high quality machine and efficient service.

ship interlocking brick machine to south africa

Therefore, our customer pays the full amount directly for the ABM-6S interlocking block machine for sale. Because their operator doesn’t know how to operate the machine, our engineer guides them online. Then, our engineers goes to the construction site to help our customer debug it. At present, we also keep the good communication with our customer. If you are in the South Africa, and if you want to purchase a brick making machine for sale, you can visit his construction site at any time.

ABM-6S interlock brick making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s3287-4200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s1878-2400
hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s864-1080

Deliver our interlocking brick machine to other countries

interlocking brick machine is delivered to other countries
deliver interlocking brick machine to other countries

Pay your attention during your operation

Regular inspection:

1. Check whether the main parts of the interlocking brick machine for sale is loose. If it is, tighten the loose parts;

2. Check whether the interlocking brick maker for sale is damaged or deformed during transportation, especially pay attention to the hydraulic pipeline;

3. Check whether the reducer, cylinder and lubrication points are refueling as required and whether the oil quantity is appropriate;

4. Check whether all parts are in normal state during installation;

ABM-8S interlocking machine for sale
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s4382-5600
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s3130-4000
solid blocks240*115*5315-17s9000-10000
hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s1150-1440

ABM-10S interlocking making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s4852-6200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s3287-4200
solid blocks240*115*5315-17s11011-12480
hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s1440-1800

Routine maintenance:

1. Scrub the equipment regularly to keep the machine clean;

2. Lubricate every component of the interlocking brick machine for sale according to the instruction;

3. Timely adjust and eliminate the faults;

4. Replace parts in time if they are worn out badly;

Repair the interlocking brick machine for sale in a planned way:

The repairment of interlocking stone making machine for sale includes partial repair and comprehensive repair. If a part breaks down, you just need to change that one. When the whole machine is wrong, you need to comprehensive repair. Whether you need to change a part or repair the whole cement interlocking bricks machine, when you meet some problem, you can turn to us for help. We will send our engineer to help you. What’s more, our engineer team will visit our customer regularly, at least four time one year. So you don’t worry about the problem of after-sale service.

Interlock brick making machine design

components of interlocking brick making machine

As a famous brick making machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our Aimix Group has won the good reputation by our customers. We have the customers all over the world. Besides the factory in China, we also set up our office in other countries, including Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, etc. And we plan to set up our Aimix Office in more countries. We believe that it is convenient for you to learn our company and machine and visit our office. No matter which country you come from, you can pick up a place near you to visit. These office is also our Location Based Service Center, which is more convenient for us to serve you. Therefore, if you want to look for a trustworthy brick making machine manufacturer to purchase a interlocking brick machine for sale, please don’t hesitate to choose our Aimix Group!

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