DHB40 asphalt mix plant sale

Asphalt Mixing Plant Price

Asphalt mixing plant price is a important factor you should think about when you plan to purchase an asphalt plant. Because the asphalt batch plant becomes more and more popular, you can find that more and more suppliers appear on the market. At that time, you need to distinguish different manufacturers in order to get a reasonable asphalt batch mix plant price. As we all know, there are many factors that can affect the asphalt batching plant price, such as, types and models, raw materials, the transportation way, the quality of asphalt mix plant and so on. Therefore, this article will tell you how to minimize your batch mix plant price.

LB1200 asphalt mix plant
LB1200 stationary type plant in Russia

asphalt plant component
asphalt plants components
asphalt plant components

Production Capacity(t/h)100
Drying roller drive(KW)7.5×4
Fileter area(m³)460
Vibrating screen(layer)4
Hot aggregate bin(m³)12
Rated mixing capacity(kg)1500
Finished product bin(m³)28
Asphalt tank(m³)40
Heavy oil tank(m³)40
Thermal oil furnace(kcal/h)300000

Types and models of asphalt plant affects the price

For an asphalt batching plant, the most important thing affecting its price is the types and models of asphalt plants. According to its mobility, asphalt mixing plant has stationary type and mobile type. If considering its mixing way, there are drum mix type and batch mix type asphalt plant for your selection. Different types and models of asphalt mixing machine has different asphalt plant price. Now I will introduce it for you in detail.

Mobile type asphalt batch plant: Mobile type asphalt plant is convenient to move and install, which can greatly shorten the transportation time and construction period. The main components of mobile asphalt plant is installed in a trailer, So compared with the same size of asphalt plant, mobile asphalt batch plant price is slightly higher than stationary asphalt mix plant price.

YLB800 asphalt mixing plant
YLB800 mobile type
Production Capacity(t/h)40
Drying roller drive(KW)7.5×2
Fileter area(m³)260
Vibrating screen(layer)4
Hot aggregate bin(m³)9.5
Rated mixing capacity(kg)600
Asphalt tank(m³)30
Heavy oil tank(m³)30
Thermal oil furnace(kcal/h)300,000

YLB1000 asphalt batch mix plant in Uzbekistan
YLB1000 mobile asphalt plant in Uzbekistan
Production Capacity(t/h)80
Drying roller drive(KW)5.5×4
Fileter area(m³)420
Vibrating screen(layer)4
Hot aggregate bin(m³)9.5
Rated mixing capacity(kg)1200
Asphalt tank(m³)40
Heavy oil tank(m³)40
Thermal oil furnace(kcal/h)300,000

YLB1200 asphalt mixing plant sale

YLB1500 asphalt mix plant

Stationary type asphalt plant: Stationary asphalt plant has higher working efficiency, higher automatic degree and longer service life. It is more suitable for medium or large size of construction projects. So if you need a lot of asphalt mixture for your project, you can consider the stationary type plant.

Drum mix asphalt plant for sale: Drum mix asphalt mixing plant price is low compared with other types of plant. It has simple structure and short working period, which can produce the asphalt mixture quickly. If your project is not very big, drum mix asphalt plant is an ideal choice for you.

YLB1500 asphalt batching plant in Philippines
YLB1500 mobile mix plant in Philippines

Batch mix asphalt mixing plant: Quality of asphalt mixture produced by batch mix asphalt plant is higher. In general, the batch mix asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of production line, so the batch mix asphalt production plant prices are slightly higher than drum asphalt batch mix plant price.

Of course, after choosing the right type of asphalt plant, you also should think about its productivity. The production capacity of our asphalt batch mix plant ranges from 20t/h to 240t/h. Different production capacities also can have an effect on the asphalt plant price.

How much does an asphalt plant cost?

Different from the price of asphalt mixing plant, an asphalt plant cost includes many aspects, such as, the machine price, the raw materials price, the construction site cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, power fare, etc. Therefore, when you estimate the asphalt mixing plant cost, you should take all these aspects into consideration.

DHB60 asphalt mix plant
DHB60 drum mix type plant

First of all, when you build your construction site, you need to consider the layout of machine. Moreover, the construction site also includes control room, storage area of raw materials and so on. So choosing a suitable plant will save the construction site and reduce the construction site.

Then, think about the labor cost. Our control system of mixing plant for asphalt includes fully automatic type and semi automatic type. Fully automatic control system will greatly improve the working efficiency of plant. Meanwhile, you just need several workers to control the whole machine, reducing the labor cost.

DHB20 asphalt mix plant

DHB40 asphalt mix plant sale

Production Capacity(t/h)25-30406080
Total Power(kw)5075123140
Fuel Consumption5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
Effect of De-dustingDust discharge concentration≤50mg/Nm3(Bag dust)
Volume of Cold Aggregate Storage4.0m³×4
Unloading Height3m
Control ModeManually
Discharge Temperature120-160℃

At last, pay more attention to the maintenance cost. In the period of using the asphalt batch plant, you may meet some problems. You should inspect the machine regularly and replace easily worn parts. Right maintenance methods can not only reduce the failure rate of machine, but also save the maintenance cost.

After reading these tips, if you want to learn more tips for minimizing the asphalt mixing plant price, welcome to contact us now!

Besides the price, you also need to consider

Although the asphalt batching plant price is crucial for a customer, there are also vital things you need to consider, including its quality, the strength of manufacturer, the after-sale service, etc. The thought that buys the plant with the lowest asphalt batch mix plant price is wrong because the quality of machine with the lowest asphalt batching plant price is not reliable.

LB500 asphalt mix plant

LB800 asphalt mix plant

LB1000 asphalt mix plant

LB1500 asphalt mix plant

Production Capacity(t/h)406080120160240
FuelDiesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Fileter area(m³)2603204205106201080
Vibrating screen(layer)444455
Hot aggregate bin(m³)
Rated mixing capacity(kg)6009001200170023003300
Finished product bin(m³)171717282833
Asphalt tank(m³)303040402×403×40
Heavy oil tank(m³)30304040402×40

On the one hand, find the manufacturer that you think the manufacturer has strong strength or it is trustworthy. That is because a credible asphalt batch mixing plant manufacturer can not only provide you with good quality machine, but also affordable price. On the other hand, think about the after-sale service. A responsible manufacturer can help you solve your problems in time when you need. It is not reliable for a manufacturer to take care of nothing else after they sell you the plant. Usually, you can enjoy the following service from a good manufacturer: consultation service, installation and debugging service, training operator service, maintenance service and so on.

So besides the asphalt mix plant price, you should fully consider the strength a asphalt plant supplier.

Choose our Aimix Group to get a favorable price

Our Aimix Group is a professional asphalt plant manufacturer in China with over 35 years production experience. With the expansion of the international market, we have set up our branch office at abroad, including Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Russia and Uzbekistan. In addition, we also set some production factory or warehouse in these countries.

Aimix branch office map
aimix office in philippines
office in Philippines
office in Pakistan
office in Pakistan

office in Indonesia
office in Indonesia
the office in Sri Lanka
office in Sri Lanka

You can visit our factory and office to learn the strength of company. And we can show you our machine on local construction site. Up to now, our products have exported to over 60 countries, such as, Thailand, Australia, USA, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Ethiopia, Brazil, the South Africa and so on. Our sincere service has won good reputation from our customers. When you contact us, our salesman will spare no effort to help you save your asphalt mixing plant price from the aspects of choosing the model, transportation route, maintenance method, etc.

All in all, if you want to get a plant at an acceptable asphalt batching plant price, welcome to leave your message to us!

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